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For 37 Years Coach Frank  Fulton has been developing student/athletes in many global educational and athletic arenas.  TUVAA is the new development program  for students/athletes around the world.  Virtual Educational programs, competitive Athletic Training/Games, Global Networking for future opportunities. All courses are Non-Accredited, all Athletic Participation is free of collegiate eligibility restrictions, and the programs are priced at a fraction of the cost compared to current collegiate  trends.  TUVAA is an educational program under the direction of Sophos International.

​The  Logisitcs:

$850 per season    $70 per Academic Hour of Study          Unlimited Courses        Unlimited Participation


Our Purpose:

-We learn for the sake of learning, not for the sake of earning a grade.

-We develop skills sets  to be the best warrior we can be  on the fields of play.

-And We play because we have a passion for the sport we are engaged with daily.

Our Mentors:

-The TUVAA Team

The Network:


​        Direct Personal Inquires:                 (434) 489-4544

        Direct Player Registration                2017 Spring

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         Direct Course Registration             2017 Spring

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