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We know that not every player will be a pro but we do know every player can be a warrior and compete.  It is our job to find the battlefields and the teams to compete for that will utilize each TUVAA Marlin to the best of his/her ability.

Our Alumni base is growing as an extension of the Globally Renowned VMarlins.  These warriors of the world are in programs all over the world as professionals, internationals, collegiate, and scholastic competitors.  Japan, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, USA, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Belgium, Ireland, have VMarlins working, playing, and developing within the communities of these great countries.  As TUVAA grows each new warrior will find his place on the pages of our Site. Until then, visit www.vmarlins.com to see where all the forefathers, brothers, and sister are sharing the love!

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