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Your Battle Plan

IF... you are graduating from HS with an unclear direction for future study, sports, or work;

IF...you are in college competition but the program is not working for you;

IF... you are discharging from service with a desire to return to the battlefields of sport;

IF...you are an international warrior who wants to experience daily sports participation at a

        collegiate level without all the "USA collegiate expense" :

THEN..... We are waiting on you to Arrive and Begin a most dynamic experience designed to educate, challenge, network and enjoy as a global student-athlete with passion to be the best YOU can be.  Here is the Basic Battle Plan:

1) Enroll, Register, and send in player's fee for the season that best works for you.

2) Set a goal of success to be reached and submit this goal to the staff of TUVAA.

3) Secure living and lodging arrangements for semester of activity.

4) Enroll in as many discovery courses as your curiosity permits.

5) Open the mind and start getting after the competition on and off the playing field.

Every member of TUVAA works, develops, and plays.  There are no academic requirements, no amount of games to win, and no schedule to maintain.  You are free to grow and learn.  TUVAA has one simple University Rule, Show RESPECT.... Respect for yourself, respect for others, and respect for the program.  Do this....and you develop into a LIFE WARRIOR that represents the Vision of TUVAA.

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